Welcome to Infants (birth to 1-year-old) Music Class:

We believe parents are the first teachers for their children! Infants recognize the melody of song before they understand the word. The goal of this course is to expose you and your child to the basic concepts of music through sensory awareness and active participation, with particular attention paid to beat, rhythm, and listening skills.

This course is totally for pure enjoyment and involves touch and personal contact (Eyes, Hands, Body). It’s exciting to see the reaction and joy on their faces. Babies will start to learn and point to a window, a door, floor, etc., when the teacher sings the song. They like fingerplay and nonsense rhymes. They will have some experiences that affect brain development through the pathways, including sound, touch, vision, and other factors.

Infants love to keep beats by tapping on body parts, such as the nose, knee, or clapping. They will learn about fast and slow beats or high and low pitches with lots of enjoyment. Also, we will play some fingerplay and bouncing games, and they will play instruments, such as hand drums and shakers or bells. Some games and songs are focused on emotions (tender, warm, soothing) that help social development.


Skills and Benefits

  • Promotes happiness
  • Heightened body awareness and begins competence in self-arrangement of movement
  • Develops various fundamental gross-motor skills and body coordination
  • Grows the ability to identify and follow patterns in music and move to a steady beat