Pre-Schoolers (3 to 6-year-old) workshop

We start to do some real games, which are focused on listening. We encourage children to use their ears to better understand playing and singing. We have some activities beneficial to improve social skills. In this class, your child will learn foundational musical skills, such as rhythm, pitch, melody, and dynamics, together through educational, movement-based songs and games. Your child begins to develop her/his singing voices, and this class encourages that development. Children in preschool ages are capable of singing more complicated songs, doing more complicated games and rhymes. The games are based on vocal, movements, listening, and imagination.


Skills and Benefits

  • Stimulates brain activity and increases memory
  • Fosters self-expression, achievement, and discipline
  • Promotes happiness and reduces stress
  • Interaction and participation
  • Starts to make his/her own melody and rhythm
  • Prepare for future music study