Welcome to Music Workshop for Toddlers

The goal of this workshop is to expose you and your child to the basic concepts of music through sensory awareness and active participation, with particular attention paid to beat, rhythm, and listening skills.

In this group, children begin to develop more complex skills that will help them later in life. One of the best games that toddlers love to play is fingerplay. Each fingerplay has music purposes. Some of them feel high and low pitch, and some feel fast and slow beats. When the teacher starts the class with a hello song, children tap the beat of the music, which brings some emotions to them.

We do some music activities that are beneficial to improve social skills. The children enjoy activities and love to play with their parents, do the movements, and copy the teacher.

Children will learn to copy action, interpret sound, and wiggle away! They discover and play with scarves, finger puppets, balls, and more to better understand the beat. They play instruments and have the experience to keep the beat. They listen to songs, do different movements in each part, and sing some songs that include motion and repeated words with different meters and modes.


Skills and Benefits

  • Stimulates brain activity and increases memory
  • Enhances attention and focus; growing ability to memorize and recall
  • Develops fundamental music skills
  • Promotes happiness and reduces stress
  • Helps your child grow as an individual