Online Zurna Lessons

by Norayr Kartashyan

Online Zurna Lessons

All students are taught basic instrumental techniques, postures, technical exercises, and playing Armenian repertoires. In addition, you will learn how to play traditional Armenian songs and your favourite melodies.

Each online zurna lesson takes place between one teacher and one student for either 30 or 60 minutes. For children's sessions, parents can attend their child's classes.

Our amazing zurna faculty takes care of utilizing elements of different teaching methods that work best for each student. Beginner students start with the fundamentals, like how to hold the zurna correctly, relaxed posture, how to get sound out of it, breath control, finger placement, reading music, and learning simple songs. Intermediate and advanced students continue to progress with increased proficiency in techniques and significant Armenian repertoire. Our zurna program covers the following subjects:

Note reading and recognition
Armenian traditional ornaments
Counting, rhythm reading
Technique (vibration, staccato, trill, and dynamics)
Rudiments of theory
Ear training

Levels / Ages offered:
The Farabius Academy of Music provides online private zurna study at all levels and ages. Students in a private study can learn with no prior experience, all the way to extensive professional experience, and we will ensure you have an enjoyable experience.

Selecting repertoire is one of the most challenging and important tasks that we take on in the development of our students' musical education. Students at all levels will be given a selection of repertoire from multiple genres of music (Traditional, Folk) to study and perfect.

Online Zurna Lessons