Private Gheychak Lessons

by Soudabe Badiei

Private Gheychak Lessons

Each online lesson takes place between a teacher and student for either 30, 45 or 60 minutes. For children's sessions, parents can attend their child's classes.

Beginner students start with the fundamentals, including the correct way to hold the bow and finger placement, reading music, rhythm, and learning simple songs. Intermediate and advanced students continue to progress with increased proficiency in techniques and significant repertoire. Our Gheychak class covers the following subjects:

Note reading and recognition
Iranian traditional ornaments
Counting, rhythm reading
Technique (scales, arpeggios, harmonics, pizzicati, trill)
Rudiments of Theory
Ear training

The Farabius Academy of Music provides online private Gheychak study at all levels and ages. No experience is needed; anyone can join our programs, and we will ensure you have an enjoyable experience. We provide a wide range and variety of learning styles and difficulty levels for our students to make sure each individual can grow at their own pace.

  • No skills required; you can be a beginner student
  • You need a Gheychak and a bow

Private Gheychak Lessons