Private Piano Lesson

by Maryam Soufisiavash

Private Piano Lesson

We offer instruction to piano students of every level and every age. Farabius' teaching staff come from diverse backgrounds, but all hold bachelor's or master's degrees in piano, music performance and/or pedagogy.

Maryam enjoys teaching students of all ages, levels, and styles. She strives to provide the best possible music education for every student. Her goal is to deliver high-level instruction that inspires students. Her teaching approach emphasizes the development of fundamental skills and their application to various musical pieces.
This is accomplished by providing interesting work for the student, such as learning music theory, techniques, songs, sight reading, etc. Lesson plans are customized to each student based on age, previous experience, individual goals, learning style, etc.

Levels / Ages offered:
Students in a private study can learn with no prior experience, all the way to extensive professional experience.

Beginner Students: Alfred's piano library, Piano Adventure, RCM and etc...

Intermediate Students: Piano Adventure, Alfred's piano library, Pattern play, RCM, Bach's Anna Magdalena's handbook, Folk Songs, little Preludes and two and three-part Inventions, Mozart Sonatas etc...

Advanced Students: Piano Adventures, RCM, Pattern Play, Collection of classical music including Bach's prelude and fugues, Mozart Sonatas, Folk songs, Beethoven Sonatas, Chopin Waltzes and Preludes.

Each online piano lesson takes place between one teacher and one student for either 30 or 60 minutes. For children's sessions, parents can attend their child's classes.

  • No skills required; you can be a beginner student

Private Piano Lesson