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Farabius Academy of Music is a family-owned international company founded by Abdolreza Rostamian based in Canada.  The Farabius Academy of Music is one of the most prominent academies and record labels with more than 30 years of experience. We specialize in education, production, publication, and much more.  

We love to teach to develop a new generation of thinking individuals. As a goal-oriented team, we work with kids and train them to achieve their educational goals with the utmost care and concern.  

We are proud to announce that we have more than 60 talented and passionate educators in different music education fields throughout the world. Our amazing staff can teach and educate anyone who is eager to learn music all around the globe. We know the importance of music education and actively pursue every beneficial opportunity that would increase the quality of our music curriculums at Farabius Academy of Music.  

We believe the arts have the power to change people's lives! Singing and playing have always conveyed deep and potent messages to us as human beings.  

We have a passion for music that’s always expanding and want to give everyone the chance to discover the magic of music. So we invite you to start your journey into the depths of the infinite musical universe by joining our academy and its wonderful educators!



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Founder and CEO

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Marketing Manager

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Marketing Coordinator

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