Music Production


We work with the best to create the best 


A big part of Farabius Music Company is active in the music production industry. Our record label is specialized in the production of original and cover songs, artwork, publication, marketing and much more. 

Creating music is a fun process, especially when you work with the right people. Creating and performing music is an enjoyable and satisfying process, but when it comes to production, most of us get puzzled and don’t know what to do. Don’t worry! We will take care of anything that needs to be done for you to have the best results. 

We work in multiple genres: Classical, Pop, Folk, Contemporary and Traditional. With our experience and knowledge, we will help you choose the right genre and package that will suit your ideas and budget the best. We leave our clients satisfied. 


What we offer: 

*Producers who understand your style

*Mixers and sound engineers who will make your track pop and shine 

*Top session players for live recordings who work hand in hand with our producers 

*Topliners, vocalists and lyricists that will give a new breath to your songs 

*Detailed and focused supervision for each and every track (singles/albums) that ensures an outstanding outcome


Are you looking for someone to work on your next project/track? 

We have made it easy for you. First, browse by genre, listen to samples, compare packages to find and hire the perfect producer for your next big project or single track.         


How it works: 

1. Message us and tell us about your ideas. If you already have a song, share your song/demo with us (.mp3 or .wav). 

2. Our team of professionals will gather, listen and assess everything relating to your song/demo. 

3. After that, you will receive a detailed email regarding packages, fees and the rest of the steps needed for the project to begin. 

4. Choose one of our available packages that fits your budget. 

5. Upon payment, we will send an audio sample back to you for approval (first few verses, pre-chorus, chorus) 

6. After we have your consent, we will move on to the final phase of the production. 

7. We will finish the project, and you will have the final audio file after two weeks. 


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