Music Theory

Instrument Music Theory
Length 30 / 60 minutes
Age +8 years
Locations Online
Start Date Throughout The Year
Term 4 Lessons/1 Month or 12 Lessons/3 Month or 24 Lessons/6 Month
Admissions Open admission
Genre Classical, Pop


Program Information

We would love to help you learn music theory from our certified educators. The study of theory is a fundamental component of excellent musical training and is intended to support practical studies to enhance and enrich the musical experience. We offer private lessons through an innovative and engaging curriculum for our students. We have as many adult beginners as we have young children just starting on this program. Our unique approach to musical education facilitates a fast and practical learning experience for students of all ages. Each online music theory lesson takes place between one teacher and one student for either 30 or 60 minutes. While our music theory sessions are all private, parents are more than welcome to attend their child’s lessons.



We can help you take your understanding of music theory to a new level and make you a better musician. Our goal is the development of our students to their highest musical level through private lessons. Beginner students will learn to read music using proven techniques, play and count rhythms accurately, pitch names, clefs, identifying notes on the keyboard, etc. Intermediate students will learn about form in music notation, scale degrees, writing melodies with major scales, building triads (chords), finding chords by formula, compound meter signatures, etc. More advanced students will learn 7th chords, triplets, doublets, quadruplets, relative minor keys, dominant 7th chords, analyzing melodies, accidentals, intervals, diatonic chord progressions in minor, solfege, and much more.



Important Facts & FAQs

  • Highly recommended for students of 8 years or older
  • Offered but less recommended for students seven years or younger
  • Extremely useful for children and adult learners
  • The most effective format for learning music


Music Theory Teacher

Bahar Rostamian

Multi Level

Languages Spoken: English, Farsi

Alireza Sheibani

Multi Level

Languages Spoken: German, Farsi

Mehdi Khayami

Multi Level

Languages Spoken: English, Italian, Farsi

Nağme Yarkın

Multi Level

Languages Spoken: English, Turkish

Alberto Di Priolo

Multi Level

Languages Spoken: English, Italian