Early Childhood Music Classes

The Farabius Academy of Music offers one-on-one instruction and group sessions on Early Childhood Music. Early childhood from birth to age six is a remarkable period in human development. Making music, especially if it includes tapping, clapping, bouncing, and dancing, can develop large motor control. Simple games and songs can build brain and body coordination. We will focus on emotional, social, and physical activity, which is the best way to improve young children's overall development directly. All our classes are online and private. Children are grouped according to age and follow a custom curriculum that produces the natural starting point for a lifetime of musical accomplishment and enjoyment. Parents are more than welcome to attend their child's classes. New students can join anytime during the year.


Some Skills and Benefits

  • Develops fundamental music skills
  • Stimulates brain activity and increases memory
  • Fosters self-expression, achievement, and discipline
  • Promotes happiness and reduces stress
  • Interaction and participation
  • Starts to make his/her own melody and rhythm
  • Prepare for future music study
  • Heightened body awareness and begins competence in self-arrangement of movement
  • Develops various fundamental gross-motor skills and body coordination
  • Grows the ability to identify and follow patterns in music and move to a steady beat
  • Enhances attention and focus; growing ability to memorize and recall
  • Helps your child grow as an individual