Guitar Lessons

Instrument Guitar
Length 30 / 60 minutes
Age +6 years
Locations Online
Start Date Throughout The Year
Term 4 Lessons/1 Month or 12 Lessons/3 Month or 24 Lessons/6 Month
Admissions Open admission
Genre Classical, Pop, Folk, Jazz, Country


Program Information

The guitar is a very in-demand instrument, and we will offer you many new and exciting musical opportunities. Whether you are just starting or continuing your education, we would love to help you learn the guitar from our certified educators. We provide private lessons through an innovative and engaging curriculum for our students. We have as many adult beginners as we have young children just starting on this instrument. Our unique approach to musical education facilitates a fast and practical learning experience for students of all ages. You’ll find all of the typical features of a guitar lesson program here. Both acoustic and electric guitar lessons are offered to students in a variety of styles.

Each online guitar lesson takes place between one teacher and one student for either 30 or 60 minutes. While our guitar sessions are all private, parents are more than welcome to attend their child’s classes.



We can help you take your understanding of the guitar to a new level and make you a better musician. Our goal is the development of our students to their highest musical level through private lessons. Creating the correct foundation for technique and appropriate repertoire is the utmost important thing. Students will start with the fundamentals, such as how to hold the guitar, finger placement, frets, how to strum, rhythm, basic guitar chords, simple songs, etc. Advanced students will develop proficiency in technique, major and minor scales, bass runs, along with learning significant repertoire. Our online guitar curriculum covers the following subjects:

  • Note reading and recognition
  • Counting, rhythm reading
  • Technique (scales, arpeggios, trills, dynamics)
  • Sight-reading
  • Rudiments of theory
  • Memorization
  • Ear training



Selecting repertoire is one of the most challenging and important tasks that we take on in the development of our students’ musical education. Each coach is ready to tailor-make a lesson plan for you while still following the curriculum principles that have always led to success. We work on the repertoire in these categories: etudes and studies, unaccompanied works, variations, etc. and short pieces. Students at all levels will be given a selection of repertoire from multiple eras of music to study and perfect.


Important Facts & FAQs

  • Highly recommended for students of 6 years or older
  • Offered but less recommended for students 5 years or younger
  • Extremely useful for children and adult learners
  • Most effective format for learning technique, classical and pop, jazz repertoire


Guitar Lessons Teacher

Amir Houshangi

Multi Level

Classical Guitarist and educator, Amir Houshangi began playing guitar...