Nağme Yarkın

Program Taught Kemence, Turkish Music Theory
Levels Taught Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced
Styles Traditional
Teaching Since 2009
Online or Studio Online

She was born into a fully musical family. When she was three, she started to study piano. In addition to her primary school classes, in 1990, at the age of 5 years old, she was accepted at the 'Istanbul University Conservatory piano department.
In 1996 she started the Istanbul Technical University (ITU) Turkish Music State Conservatory. She selects as her main instrument “Kemençe of Istanbul" (the Classical Kemençe / Lyra), and she has played Kemençe since the age of 11. During her secondary education, she gave many concerts in school and various concert halls primarily in Istanbul.
In 2003, she started the Composition Department at ITU Turkish Music State Conservatory. Furthermore, in 2005, she started as a Kemençe player at TRT Turkish Music Young Ensemble. Moreover, she was qualified to go to Estonia with the Erasmus Program in 2008. She studied for a semester at the Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre. While she was there, she gave some conferences about Turkish Music and concert. After she graduated from ITU Turkish Music State Conservatory, she started to teach in the same university.
In 2009 she started a Master's degree at the Istanbul University State Conservatory in the composition department and graduated with a thesis in “Film Music and Differences in Interpretation.” Moreover, she completed her Ph.D. in the same department in 2019 with a thesis in “Concerto Grosso with Turkish Ensemble as the concertino part.” Also, she has been a Research Assistant and a Kemence player in the Turkish Music Orchestra of the Istanbul University State Conservatory since 2012.
Besides, since she attended the conservatory, she has given many concerts. Sometimes she was a soloist, and sometimes in a band, she has given many concerts at universities and important concert halls in Turkey and abroad in countries like the USA, The Netherlands, Tunisia, France and Belgium. She played with Andre Rieu 3 concerts in 'Andre Rieu World Tour' concerts. In addition, she played in soprano Romina Basso's album “Voices de Safarad.” Also, she is a member of the 'Music for Peace' project for which they gave concerts in Istanbul and Batumi.
In 2016, Nağme and her brother Baturay Yarkın pianist, established the world music group "Yarkın Duo," and they had many concerts in Istanbul, the USA, Georgia, Italy and The Netherlands. Their first album “One” was published in September 2017.
In 2017 they have accepted to Silkroad Global Musician Workshop in Indianapolis, and they played with amazing musicians, such as Master Wu Man, Shane Shanahan, Bassam Saba, Guru Sandeep Das, Edward Perez, Mike Block. Also, they had invited by Silkroad Global Musicians Workshop in 2018 to give concerts and two workshops about Turkish Music. Moreover, in April 2018, they gave a concert at Boston University and a workshop at Berklee College of Music.
In February of 2018 (for three months), she went to Italy / Pavia to study her Ph.D. thesis on 'Concerto Grosso for Turkish Traditional Instruments and Orchestra' whereby she is also composing new pieces of music related to this subject. She studied with Prof. Ugo Nastrucci about her thesis and gave a workshop about Turkish music too. She graduated from the Composition Department of Doctoral Degree in July 2019.
Her four personal albums; One, The Colours of Anatolia, Quintessence and Landscapes, are available on music markets and digital platforms. Her concerts and
compositions still continue, and she is working on the new album.

Nağme Yarkın



Title Ph.D. in Art
Conservatory / University / College ITU Turkish Music State Conservatory
Awards N/A
Languages Spoken Turkish, English

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