Personal interest in music and musical instruments

1. Enthusiasm

Enthusiasm is a must in learning any profession, and so it is in the case of learning music. You have to tell whether you are interested in playing instruments or not.

To tell this, you should first decide about the style of your interest. For this purpose, you could go to music concerts or listen to pieces of various styles. Once you have decided which style best appeals to you, go to a music store, see and hear various instruments, and buy one.


2. Physical condition

Having made sure about the first point, that is your interest, we come to the physical condition, which is another factor to be considered in selecting an instrument. Everybody is capable of playing the easiest and the most difficult instruments, although some people might face problems. For example, certain wind instruments require a strong respiratory system. So somebody with respiratory problems will hardly be able to play such an instrument.


3. Suitable setting at home and sufficient funds to purchase an instrument

Take into consideration your funds and your home settings before choosing an instrument to buy. For example, some instruments, like saxophone or trumpet, are very loud instruments, which can disturb other people and neighbors. You might also not have sufficient space for a piano. So make sure to consider your home’s settings.

Before choosing an instrument to buy, consider the sound expanse (loudness) of the instrument of your interest and your place of living. Also, certain instruments are especially expensive. Therefore, you need an idea about the prices before you or your child register for music lessons and select an instrument to buy.


4. Interest in singing

You or your child might be interested in singing or participating in choruses in addition to playing instruments, which might make it difficult for you to choose an instrument. For example, you will not be able to sing at the same time as playing a wind instrument. Therefore, you have to choose an instrument, which may be played at the same time as singing, piano or guitar, for example.

Before choosing their instrument, children have to complete children’s music theory lessons according to the Orff approach, which is the best time period for the child to start to learn music. They may choose their instrument of interest after taking into consideration the above items.


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