Set Your Music Goals

Set Your Music Goals and Make Them Happen This Year


1. Decide; Think of something you want to do or work toward. For example, if you want to learn or improve your music skills, you should set some goals and tell yourself that you will reach them by the end of the year.

2. Be Specific; Don't just say I want to be a singer. This is too vague, and you will be even more confused than before. Instead, choose your style and be detailed about it. For example, if you're charmed to learn singing, you should first choose your style, like Classic, Pop, Jazz, etc. Then, decide how you want to learn it. For example, do you want to take private lessons, or do you want to learn it by yourself?

Learning music without a teacher would be so difficult because you'll need someone to correct your mistakes and help you grow, and without that, it will take your time, and you're not sure if you are doing it right.

At Farabius Academy of Music, we have gathered the best teachers from all around the world, and you can take online music lessons with them from everywhere!

3. Don’t be shy; If you want to be a professional in any field, you shouldn't be shy. For example, if you are taking lessons for singing, you should perform for your family and friends even if you are a beginner. That will help you be more confident, and when you're a professional singer, you aren't afraid of performing in front of thousands of people.

4. Always keep it fun; Don't blame yourself if you can't perform a song perfectly. It doesn't matter if you're a beginner, intermediate or advanced. These things can happen to anyone. You can always ask your teacher about your problem. That's why having a teacher is so important in any path.

5. Set a deadline When will you achieve this goal? The deadline can be the end of your next practice session, by Saturday, July 30th, or the end of 2024. The important thing is that the deadline is appropriate for the goal. If you set a big long-term goal, expect to break it down into many shorter-term goals with closer deadlines.

6. Right down the time you practiced each day Keep a practice journal. This will help you evaluate yourself, and by the end of the year, you have all the results, and you’ll be proud of yourself for this hard work.

7. Tell someone about your goals. Telling someone we know about our goals seems to increase our passion, and we will stick to that goal even more and more.

8. As we mentioned, you should set a time for your goals. That will help you be more focused and passionate about reaching your goals. Long-term goals are usually more successful for beginners. You'll need to practice to reach your goals, especially in music.

You can start by practicing for half an hour daily and increasing it over time.



So now, based on what we mentioned, try to set up your new goals and reach them for this year.

Practice and practice until you make it. Then you’ll notice that everything you have done was worth it.


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