Private Kamanche Lessons

by Ava Rostamian

Private Kamanche Lessons

Would you like to learn Kamancheh? Ava loves teaching students of all ages and levels, aiming to provide the best possible music education for each individual. She ensures engagement by incorporating diverse elements such as theory, pieces, technique, and sight reading. Ava simplifies explanations to make learning effective and enjoyable. Lesson plans are personalized for each student, considering factors like age, prior experience, individual goals, and learning style.

Each lesson is one-on-one between the teacher and student, lasting either 30, 45, or 60 minutes. All students are taught basic instrumental techniques, posture, technical exercises, Iranian Radif, and playing Persian repertoires.

For beginner students, the focus is on fundamentals, including the correct way to hold the bow, finger placement, reading music, rhythm, and playing simple songs. Intermediate and advanced students progress with increased proficiency in techniques and a diverse repertoire. Our Kamancheh class covers various subjects:

Note reading and recognition
Iranian traditional ornaments
Counting and rhythm reading
Technique (scales, arpeggios, pizzicati, dorrab, trill, tekkiyeh)
Rudiments of Theory
Ear training

Students at all levels receive a repertoire selection from multiple eras of music (Traditional, Folk) to study and perfect.

  • You will need a Kamancheh and bow
  • No prior skill is required

Private Kamanche Lessons