Private Violin Lesson

by Virginia Sutera

Private Violin Lesson

Each online lesson takes place between one teacher and one student for either 30 or 60 minutes. For children's sessions, parents can attend their child's classes.

-No skills required; you can be a beginner student
-You will need a violin and a bow
-The most important part of music study takes place at home; the more you practice, the better you will be
-Get excited about learning violin, as an inspired learner learns faster and easier

Beginner students will start with the fundamentals, including the right way to hold the violin, correct bow hold and finger placement, reading music, rhythm, bowing techniques, and learning songs. Intermediate and more experienced students continue to progress with increased proficiency in techniques and significant repertoire. Our violin curriculum covers the following subjects:

Note reading and recognition
Counting, rhythm reading
Technique (scales, arpeggios, trill)
Sight reading
Rudiments of theory
Ear training

Selecting repertoire is one of the most challenging and important tasks that we take on in the development of our students’ musical education. Students at all levels will be given a selection of repertoire from multiple eras of music (Classical, Pop) to study and perfect.

  • Highly recommended for students of 7 years or older
  • No skills required; you can be a beginner student

Private Violin Lesson