Private Voice Lessons

by Ava Rostamian

Private Voice Lessons

A singing lesson is a great way to start exploring your own voice or further your studies with a professional vocal artist. You can make your voice stronger, more credible and more effective with Ava Rostamian. She can help you develop more stamina if your voice gets tired too quickly.

All students are taught vocal technique, technical exercises, tahrir, Iranian Radif* and Tasnif.

Beginner students start with the fundamentals of voice techniques, including correct breath, proper posture, reading music, and learning simple tahrir and songs. In this course, Intermediate and experienced students continue to progress with increased proficiency in techniques and significant Persian vocal repertoire, Persian Radif and Tasnif. Our Persian Voice Class covers the following subjects:

Technique (breath, vibration, tahrir)

Each online vocal lesson takes place between the teacher and student for either 30, 45 or 60 minutes.

No skills required; you can be a beginner student
The most important part of music study takes place at home; the more you practice, the better you will be
Get excited about learning Iranian songs and Radif, as an inspired learner learns faster and easier

  • No skills required; you can be a beginner student

Private Voice Lessons