Ashraf Binazir

Program Taught Early childhood Music
Levels Taught Beginner, Intermediate
Styles Childhood Music
Teaching Since 2015
Online or Studio Online

The Royal Conservatory of Music (music Instructor and teacher assistant)
Worked with students ranging in ages between 2-6 to further develop an understanding and appreciation for music in the Orff method
Enhanced students' understanding of music theory through professional resources
Collaborated with colleagues to develop an in-house methodology and relevant coursework for students
Facilitated large-scale music rehearsals and recitals in a highly organized team setting

Orff Level I
The Royal Conservatory of Music

Pedagogy Orff Level II
The Royal Conservatory of Music

Early Childhood Music Education
The Royal Conservatory of Music

Teaching professionals committed to providing a soiled education and insulting music appreciation in all students.
Talent for integrating cooperative learning.
Multiculturalism and educational field trips to various lesson plans and provide a well-rounded learning experience for students.
Proven ability for tailoring lessons to meet students’ diverse needs and capture their interest and imagination.
Compassionate and inspiring maintain a motivated and well-disciplined classroom where each student feels special, cared for, and successful, trustworthy educator with exceptional communication, interpersonal, and leadership skills to cultivate strong relationships with parents, students, and all members of the academy community.

Ashraf Binazir



Title Bachelor of Music
Conservatory / University / College Conservatory of Music
Awards N/A
Languages Spoken English, Farsi

Teacher Courses